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Greater Manchester warned of ‘real hardship’ after Boris Johnson forces virus curbs on region

Local leaders have warned of a “winter of hardship” in Greater Manchester as the region was forced into harsher coronavirus restrictions.

Boris Johnson imposed the stringent Tier 3 rules when negotiations between ministers and the area’s politicians broke down after more than a week.

The Prime Minister only confirmed a fraction of the funds Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham had demanded from Government.

Mr Burnham accused the Prime Minister of “playing poker” with people’s lives when a deal could not be reached on financial support for the region.

Khan condemns price hike ‘triple whammy’ under Government’s proposals for TfL funding

Sadiq Khan has accused the Government of trying to “punish” Londoners with a “triple whammy” of price hikes as part of a financial support plan for TfL.

The capital’s mayor called for the “draconian” proposals, which include a larger congestion charge zone and higher Tube and bus fares, to be reconsidered.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps proposed the measures, for which in return TfL would receive six months of rescue funding lasting from now until Match next year.

He also suggested that the Government would seize control of TfL if the measures were not followed.

But Mr Khan refused to accept the proposal outlined in a letter from Mr Shapps, telling ministers that it was “completely unacceptable,” and “singles out Londoners for punishment.”

Weather warning as gale force winds and heavy rain to strike southern England

Weather warnings have been issued as a storm is expected to bring gale force winds and heavy showers to parts of the UK today.

Forecasters have issued a yellow alert for heavy rain across most parts of southern England between 3am and 2pm.

The Met Office said the storm it could bring disruption with surface water and spray on roads and a the risk of flooding.

The affected areas stretch from the West Midlands to the East of England and down to the South West.

Fiancee of murdered journalist sues Saudi crown prince

The fiancee of the murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi has accused Saudi Arabia’s crown prince of ordering the killing and has filed a lawsuit against him.

Hatice Cengiz, who was engaged to the Washington Post columnist, is pursuing Mohammed bin Salman and more than 20 others for unspecified damages.

Mr Khashoggi was drugged and dismembered inside the kingdom’s Istanbul consulate in 2018.

The Riyadh Criminal Court issued final verdicts in September against eight people involved in his death.

The crown prince has denied any knowledge of the operation.

Harry and Meghan warn ‘global crisis’ of misinformation is spreading online

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have warned of a “global crisis” of misinformation spreading online as they described the world’s “overwhelming desire” for truth.

Harry and Meghan told how the internet affected critical issues such as racial justice, gender equity, climate change and mental health. The couple discussed how to create a safer digital world as part of Time100 Talks.

Touchdown! Nasa spacecraft makes historic landing on asteroid

A Nasa spacecraft has made an historic touchdown on an asteroid , dodging boulders the size of buildings to collect samples from its surface.

The Osiris-Rex sent back confirmation of its contact with asteroid Bennu more than 200 million miles away, drawing cheers from the mission team.

It momentarily touched asteroid’s surface to collect a handful of cosmic rubble for return to Earth. It was a first for the United States – only Japan has collected asteroid samples.

On this day…

1772: Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (The Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan) was born in Ottery St Mary, Devon.

1805: Lord Nelson, English naval hero, was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar – dying at the precise moment the Franco-Spanish fleet surrendered.

1833: Alfred Nobel, industrialist, inventor of dynamite and founder of the Nobel Prizes, was born in Stockholm.

1858: The Can-Can was first performed in Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld in Paris.

1918: The “Spanish flu” epidemic started in Britain, eventually killing approximately twice as many as died in the First World War.

1940: Geoffrey Boycott, Yorkshire and England cricketer, was born in Fitzwilliam, West Yorkshire.

1950: Chinese forces occupied Tibet.

1952: The President of the Kenya African Union, Jomo Kenyatta, was arrested following the declaration of a state of emergency in the British colony of Kenya.

1966: Disaster struck the small Welsh mining village of Aberfan when a colliery slag tip slid down the side of a hill and engulfed a row of houses, a farm and a school. Of the 144 people who died, 116 were children.

1982: Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness made history by becoming the first members of Sinn Fein to be elected to the Ulster Assembly.