Gutfeld pans Joe Biden’s play for the Latino vote in Florida

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JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST:  Hello, everybody. I am Jesse Watters, along

with Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, and Katie Pavlich. It is

5:00 in New York City, and this is THE FIVE. A huge hour of news coming

your way, President Trump will be out soon for a news conference live from

the White House. And while we wait for that to start, the countdown to

Election Day is on.

And you know what that means. The media is ramping up their anti-Trump

rhetoric. While President Trump was delivering historic Mid-East peace

deals between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain, members of the press were quick

to downplay it at every turn. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  As Andrea Mitchell reports, a broader Middle East peace

is still an elusive goal.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  But today’s agreements open the doors for trade,

travel, and tourism, but it is not Middle East peace, left out the


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  But it’s more of a business deal than a peace accord.

The three countries are not engaged in armed conflict.

DONALD TRUMP, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT:  Comprehensive peace across the

entire region.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  President Trump proclaiming this a peace agreement,

but the countries were not at war, and left out of the deal, the

Palestinians who call the agreement a betrayal.


WATTERS:  And of course, CNN didn’t care at all about the deal. And

instead, they focused on this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Today’s ceremony showcased the president’s continued

defiance of the very Coronavirus guidelines his White House recommends.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  There were hundreds of people gathered with little in

the way of social distancing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Hundreds of guests were packed on the south lawn with

little social distancing and optional masks.


WATTERS:  While all that is happening, the media and the Democrats have

also been hyping that Trump won’t leave office if he loses. But what

happens if he wins? How could they accept the results with months of hair-

on-fire reactions like this?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  If he loses, Trump, he won’t go. I’ve been saying that

since before he got elected.

JOE BIDEN (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  You have so many rank and file

military personnel saying, whoa, we are not a military state. This is not

who we are. I promise you, and I’m absolutely convinced, they will escort

him from the White House.

NANCY PELOSI, HOUSE SPEAKER:  There is a process. It has nothing to do with

a certain occupant of the White House doesn’t feel like moving. It has to

be fumigated out of there.


WATTERS:  All right. Juan, I want to cite a headline from the Babylon Bee.

Before you stop me, I know it’s a satirical publication. But I think it

really nails what’s going on here. Here’s the headline. This is kind of

making fun of CNN. Media criticizes Trump for ignoring social distancing

guidelines while saving baby from oncoming train.

Do you see the kind of snark we are talking about with CNN? We’re

announcing this big peace deal. And all of these heavy hitters that

probably get tested daily or weekly are gathered around the White House to

make peace. Don’t you see that’s really not the story?

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST:  Well, OK. But I’ve got to help you with your

reading selections there, Jesse. I want to do a little show and tell.


WILLIAMS:  Because to me — here’s what my experience was this morning as I

woke up and went to the doorstep, looking rather shabby. Here’s what I saw.

Here’s the Wall Street Journal this morning, and the Wall Street Journal’s

top picture, top story, about the Israeli deal. Oh my, gosh, and then I

picked up the Washington Post, Jesse.

And look, it’s the top story. It’s a big headline, Jesse. Oh my, gosh! But,

you know, Jesse, I even —

WATTERS:  I’m not saying —


WILLIAMS:  Jesse — the top story!

WATTERS:  I’m not saying they ignored it. I’m just saying they responded

negative. Didn’t you hear the montage at the top?


WILLIAMS:  Yes. But I’m telling you, Jesse, they all paid attention to this

and to what it means to the Middle East. It seems to me the media didn’t

downplay this. It seems to me that — I forget the name of your source. But

it seems to me, like, the conservative echo chamber is playing up and

nitpicking, you know, anything that talked about social distance and the

need for it, and mask-wearing in the age of Coronavirus.

I think that’s what’s going on. It’s not that anybody is ignoring the deal

that was made by the president.

WATTERS:  OK, well, I didn’t say ignoring. I said they were spinning it

negatively. Greg, you’ve been talking a lot about the left wing preparing

for violence whatever happens after the election. And you are absolutely

right. I hate to admit it, because I found that article in the Daily Beast

that says the left is preparing for violence.

They say there is training for civil disobedience and mass public unrest,

training you how to occupy stuff and shut things down. And it’s a

conglomeration of a bunch of left wing groups, so I think we have to

prepare for the worst.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST:  I am — believe me, I am prepared for the

worst because I have seen the worst and it’s going to get worse, if that’s

even possible. And the funny thing is when you think about this peace deal

and the riots. When there were riots, they were calling them mostly

peaceful. Then you see a breakthrough in peace and they don’t call it


They don’t even call it mostly peaceful. So the media is gaslighting the

United States with everything, including literal gaslighting. Remember when

you raised the question that maybe some of the wildfires in Oregon were

started by people. The media mocked you. They said no, no, no, no, no,

that’s just a far right conspiracy that, you know, lurks in the Reddit


You know, and then of course, there are at least two arrests now of

arsonists who were setting fires in Oregon. But you were told what you see

with your own eyes doesn’t exist. But the reason why the media is denying

this as a peace deal, it’s cognitive desinence, right? This is observantly,

a factually a great thing. You have got to admit it’s a great thing. But

they can’t do it.

So they are crumbling into this cognitive desinence denial, because the

Orange Godzilla Hitler is not really Orange Godzilla Hitler after all or is

the worst Orange Godzilla Hitler ever created. They spent four years trying

to brainwash the public into thinking this man is evil. They wanted all of

us to set our hair on fire. So they deserve to feel terrible.

They deserve to have their hair on fire. I mean, they have been wrong on so

many things that if I listed them, we would be here until 2024 when Trump

begins his third term.

WATTERS:  Hey, don’t scare the left too much. They might go nuts. Katie,

one of the criticisms now is that, oh, you know, this isn’t really a peace

deal because these three countries weren’t at war with each other. That

misses the entire point. There is a Sunni-Israeli alliance against the

Iranians, which have been responsible for causing a lot of the violence in

the Middle East. And that’s a good thing.

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST:  The argument that this is not a peace deal

is completely detached from reality of the way that every Arab country in

Middle East, maybe minus Egypt, because they were early on 1980s with the

peace agreement with normalization, would condemn everything that Israel

did. The main issue that was portrayed in the media and in the Arab world

was the Palestinian-Israeli issue.

That is no longer the case. What this deal does for America is it allows

the United States to be less involved in the Middle East. It means more

intelligence sharing between those countries on terrorism. So there would

be less radicalization and terrorism, and it brings new allies to the table

in the fight against Iran.

And when the media refuses to just report what happened here and call it

what it is, which is a peace agreement, they’re doing it for a couple of

reasons. The first is that they have been wrong. All of the articles at the

beginning of the administration were that Jared Kushner could not broker a

deal on Middle Eastern peace because he had no diplomatic experience on the


He came in, went about it a different way, through business and

intelligence sharing and other offers on the table, and got it done. He did

with it business and intelligence sharing and got it done. And there are

going to be more. And what that does to people who have been focussed on

the Israeli-Palestinian issues for decade in D.C., is that it embarrasses

them and proves that the issue is no longer about the Palestinian-Israeli


But bigger issues in the Middle East — and by way, when the media focuses

on the Palestinians not being at the table, do you know what the

Palestinian terrorists were doing yesterday while this was being signed at

the White House? They were launching rockets from Gaza into Israel, which

is why they were not at the table for this deal.

WILLIAMS:  Yeah. Dana, take a swing at the coverage of peace deal or the

conspiracy theory about Trump refusing to leave the White House.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST:  I think we covered the peace deal pretty well.

I think that what I would say for the Democrats is I would be looking at

all of these battleground states and spending a lot more time figuring out

how Joe Biden can win in those states rather than planning what to do if he

loses. It seems to me that would be time better spent at this point, as you

these races tightening up.

WATTERS:  Yeah. They could probably do better organizing voters than

organizing protestors. Coming up, Joe Biden blasts Trump and says you can’t

trust him on COVID, the president getting to respond just minutes from now.


GUTFELD:  Wile Donald Trump was handing out peace deals like Snicker bars

at Halloween, what was his opponent up to, three little words, aye, aye,

and aye.


BIDEN:  I just have one thing to say. Hang on here.


GUTFELD:  Oh, that was an attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters at a

campaign event commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month. One wonders what he

would’ve done if he was commemorating African-American heritage or German

heritage or Native American heritage. Would he come out and do a war dance

with Liz Warren? At least he didn’t play this.




GUTFELD:  That’s going to be in your head forever. Although, I am impressed

that gramps was able to work the phone or knew that it was a phone. I give

him points for not trying to stick a quarter in it and try to dial. Of

course, the song’s creator was at the event, so Joe thought this was clever

or cute. But so was Eva Longoria, Joe could have just done this.




GUTFELD:  Not sure Joe could fit into that swimsuit. But it’s not like he

ever wears one. But if playing that song was his idea, fine. It appeared

like all things clueless politicians do amidst the pandering and more

pandering. Will this win over Hispanic voters? I don’t think so. In fact,

if I were a Hispanic voter, I would be like you have got to be kidding me.

I would have played this instead. Take it away, Cannibal Grandpa.




GUTFELD:  That’s why I am not in politics. So Jesse, I wanted to introduce

you to a new band. That was Cannibal Grandpa. They’re from Spain. I think

you’ll like them.

WATTERS:  Yeah. I just deported them.

GUTFELD:  You can’t deport them. They’re in Spain.

WATTERS:  Oh, I thought they came from Spain. I sent them back.

GUTFELD:  You are terrible.

WATTERS:  But this moment really, I think, tells you the difference between

Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Joe Biden was told backstage, hey, gramps, this

song is really cool. If you go out and you press this button, they will

like you. Biden doesn’t know the name of the song. Biden doesn’t know how

to play music on his phone. Biden is a puppet.

And Biden did what he was told by young, slick, campaign consultants. He

pandered. President Trump would never do something like this. The advisors

to the president wish he pandered a little bit more.



WATTERS:  Instead of insulting large group of people. Trump says whatever

he wants, whenever it he wants, because he believes in the message. His

songs classic rock from the 80s or the 90s and then they just play on the

loop. He doesn’t change the music up. And he would never listen to a guy

telling him to do this. And sometimes, people say this is cute.

This is endearing that Joe Biden does this. And this is why they find this

endearing, is because Joe Biden is like the old guy who will do what the

young kids tell him to do.

GUTFELD:  You know, Dana, it’s — I don’t know. I mean, I can’t get too

upset about this. It makes me think that if he does win, we will actually

have a lot of good content for THE FIVE.

PERINO:  I know. We just actually said that about Hillary Clinton, too. But

we’ve had plenty of good material on all sorts of things.


PERINO:  I don’t think that this was exactly comparable to Dukakis in a

tank but it is close. And because we don’t have any traditional campaigning

and he doesn’t go out very much and do things, this might be it. This might

be the moment you look back on and say, aha, that’s what happened.

GUTFELD:  All right. Are we going over to Donald Trump now?

TRUMP:  — on that. But it looks like it’s going to be mostly safe, but

just follow the instructions of all of your local and federal people there.

We have the best people that you can have. So I want to thank everybody. I

want to thank everybody for working so hard in Florida. And they are very

good at this. The people in Florida handle it. They know how to handle it.

And the people working there know how to handle it. The governors have all

been spoken to. And it’s a combination of real spirit and they have a

tremendous sense of working on hurricanes. They have gotten very good at

it. And we’ve certainly had plenty. Even since I have been here we have had

a lot of them, so that’s in good shape, Hurricanes Sally.

We’re going to talk about Big Ten Football, but that’s a terrific thing.

We’ll discuss at the end. I just want to into the vaccine distribution.

Today, my administration released our detailed national vaccine

distribution plan. And that includes a plan to ensure that we swiftly

deliver the vaccine directly to America’s senior citizens and nursing

homes. And it’s all set.

We have our military lined up. Everybody is lined up. And we think that’s

going to go very nicely. We are very close to that vaccine, as you know.

And I think closer than most people want to say or certainly closer than

most people understand. To get the vaccine into the hands of American

people, we are fully mobilizing the awesome power of American industry and

also our military.

This is the largest, fastest, and most advanced vaccine distribution effort

in American history by far. I was reading where Biden was saying that he’s

going to have a plan. They did so bad on swine flu, you would not even

believe it. Take a look at their record on swine flu. In fact, the person

that headed it up said it was a total disaster.

We’re on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very, very safe

and effective manner. And we think we can start sometime in October. So as

soon as it is announced, we will be able to start. That will be from mid-

October on. It may be a little bit later than that. But we will be all set.

So as soon as it’s given the go ahead and they are doing trials, as you

know, and as soon as it’s given the go ahead, we will get it out. Defeat

the virus.

We’ve manufactured all of the necessary supplies. So that as soon as the

FDA approves the vaccine, and as you know we are very close to that, we

will to be able to distribute at least 100 million vaccine doses by the end

of 2020, and a large number much sooner than that. I am calling on Biden to

stop promoting his anti-vaccine theories.

Because all they are doing is hurting the importance what we are doing. And

I know that if they were in this position, they would be saying how

wonderful it is. They are recklessly endangering lives. You can’t do that.

And again, this is really a case that they are only talking a little bit

negatively. And that’s only because they know we have it or we will soon

have it. And the answer to that is very soon.

The case updates, it’s very interesting to see what’s happening because the

test positivity rate is down among all age groups, and has fallen below

five percent for the first time since this whole nightmare of the China

virus began. So it’s fallen below five percent. The number of hospitalized

patients has decreased by 43 percent from mid July, 43 percent.

Nationally, people sick with the China virus now make up only 1.5 percent

of all emergency room visits. So we’re down to the lowest number we’ve had,

1.5 percent of emergency room visits is for the China virus. And thanks to

our lifesaving therapies and treatments, I think this is the best of all in

terms of our great percentages and all the progress we’ve made.

The fatality rate has fallen 85 percent since April, 85 percent fatality

rate. If you look at what we have done and all of the lives that we’ve

saved, I’m going to ask that a graph be put up. And now, it’s up. This was

right at the beginning. This was our prediction, that if we do a really

good job we would be about at 100,000 to 240,000 deaths. And we are below

that substantially.

And we’ll see what comes out. But that would be if we did a good job. If

not so good was done, it’d be between 1.5 million. I remember these numbers

so well, 2.2 million. That’s quite a difference. So we’re down in this

territory. And that’s despite the fact that the blue states had tremendous

death rates. If you take the blue states deaths out, we are at a level that

— I don’t think anybody in the world would really be at a very low level.

But some of the states, they were blue states. By the way, we recommend

they open up their states. I think it’s very important that they open up

their states. Because if you look at a certain of them, North Carolina,

Pennsylvania, and Michigan, and a couple of others, we have to get those

states open. It’s hurting people. It’s hurting people far more than the

disease itself.

So we would recommend that you open them. Let your people have freedom. And

it’s unfair to your people to keep them closed at this stage. We know the

vaccines are coming, but we know the problem. We understand who the

vulnerable are, which is primarily people with medical problems but — in

particular, people with medical problems that are older, so open up your


To facilitate routine testing of the nursing home residents and staff,

we’ve delivered rapid testing devices to all 13,850 certified nursing homes

nationwide. So you have 13,850 certified nursing homes nationwide. And they

are being facilitated in terms of testing and testing apparatus. Everything

is there. We also have new tests coming.

And we have one in particular that I think showed last night, which is

literally few pieces of very fine, cardboard. It’s actually a lot of

delicate things going on inside that cardboard. But it’s an incredible

test. It’s very quick. It’s very accurate. And it moves along rapidly. We

bought millions of those tests. And they’re going to be distributed


So the testing process, where there’s nobody in the world that has a

testing process like ours. In addition to being at number one, number two,

which is India, is close to 50 million tests behind us, I believe. Scott,

50 million, they have 1.5 billion people. Tomorrow, Vice President Pence

will be announcing the findings of the Nursing Home Commission to continue

protecting our most vulnerable, which is our senior citizens.

And we’re going to take good care of them. I want to congratulate Big Ten

Football. It’s back. I want to — in particular, I’ve been dealing with

him, thank Commissioner Kevin Warren for the great job he did. We have been

working with him for a while. There was a rumor being spread that I didn’t

want football back, which was just the opposite.

That was another disinformation rumor put out by the Biden campaign. And it

was just the opposite, but it really spurred me into action. I called the

commissioner a couple of weeks ago, and we started really putting a lot

pressure on, frankly, because there was no reason it not to come back. And

Kevin went it, worked very hard.

I want to thank the players, the coaches for working along. They wanted it

very badly, the players and coaches in particular, the parents also. And

Big Ten Football just announced, as you know, that their schedule — they

announced their, and it’s going to be great, important to have. I want to

recommend that the Pac-12 get going, because there is no reason why Pac-12

should not be playing now.

And perhaps they will start with — at least partially. I had recommended

today to Kevin and others that maybe want to start off with 25 percent of

the stadium or maybe want to start off with empty. I don’t know. I think

they could have fans go, frankly. But they want to be careful. They want to

be safe. And they will be safe.

They have got a very good testing process for the players, coaches,

families, et cetera. And I just want to congratulate Big Ten. It’s going to

be great. We’re going to love watching that. And again, I want to recommend

Pac-12. You are the only one now. Open up. Open up, Pac-12, get going. Said

the same thing to the Big Ten, and they did. And now, I’m saying it to Pac-

12. You have time.

You really have time right now. Get going. I want to thank all of those

wonderful coaches, some of whom I spoke with. And we went through a process

over the last couple of weeks. And I want to thank Congressman Anthony

Gonzalez of Ohio who, as you know, was a great football player. Some people

know that. I know that. But Anthony was a great player, great receiver,

went to the NFL.

Also, I want to thank Kim Pataki of my staff. He worked very hard on this.

And he was up day and night working with Kevin and everybody else. So I

want to thank Kim Pataki, great job. So Big Ten is back. And it’s going to

have, hopefully, a great season. The census recently found that in the

second quarter of 2020, Hispanic-Americans homeownership reached a record

all time high in the history of our country.

Yesterday, the census reported that median income from Americans increased

by an unprecedented $4,400 last year, to a record of $68,700. In 2019,

income inequality fell for the second straight year. The income gap widened

under the Obama-Biden administration and it widened fairly substantially,

and it narrowed under the Trump administration, so that’s a little fact

that you didn’t know.

So it narrowed under us and it widened under Obama. Income grew more last

year alone than over the entire eight years of Obama-Biden. And that’s a

big statement but that’s the way it is. And in 2019, 4.2 million Americans

were lifted out of poverty. That’s the largest poverty reduction under any

president in history, 4.2 million Americans were lifted out of poverty.

The Hispanic-American poverty rate reached the lowest level ever in the

history of our country, Hispanic-American poverty rate lowest level ever. I

created the greatest and fairest economy in history. The biggest gains went

to lower income Americans as they measure that kind of thing. We will be

back to full strength very soon. We’re going to have a fantastic year next


It’s looking like that. I think you’re going to have an incredible third

quarter. The numbers are looking very, very strong for the third quarter.

We have numbers that we’re going to put out tomorrow, some of the

individual things, car production, housing production, housing ownership.

So many different things that are just at levels that nobody thought

possible as we round the turn on the pandemic. The anti-police crusade from

the Democrats and the radical left and radical left Democrats also, has to

stop. The left-wing war on cops puts our officers in danger and our

communities at very grave risk. You can’t do this.

Biden described the police as the enemy. They’re not the enemy, they’re the

friend. They’re our friend. They’re helping us. And if you go to — I just

saw a poll, just came out or recently came out, where African Americans by

84 percent wanted more police. They wanted safe neighborhoods.

In Phoenix, last night, a federal officer was gunned down in a drive-by

shooting. In L.A., this weekend, everybody saw that, this horrible human

being, or whatever you might want to call him. They’re looking all over —

they’re trying to find him. We’re going to find out. We’re going to get

them. But in L.A. this weekend, two Sheriff’s deputies were ambushed and

viciously shot, and they can never be the same. They’re getting better, but

they can never be the same.

I’ll always stand by our heroes of law enforcement. And we want to stop

this horrible rhetoric, and stop it fast. I want to ask Scott Atlas to say

a couple of words, because I heard Biden talking to today about — he wants

to come up with a distribution plan, a distribution for the vaccine that we

came up with.

A couple of things, we came up with that vaccine, it’ll be announced fairly

soon. But regardless, this month, next month, in a level of time that

nobody thought was possible because of what we did with our FDA, in terms

of streamlining it. I want to thank Dr. Hahn. But what we’ve done with the

streamlining has been incredible and very safely.

Number one is safety, number two is speed. But you can have perfect safety

and have much more speed. And that’s what we did. We did this for more than

the vaccine having to do with the China virus. This was also for other

things. So many other great drugs are out there, that would take 10, 12

years to get them approved. We’ve moved those schedules up a lot.

But if this were Obama-Biden, this would have taken two, three years before

you were at a stage where we are now at. So we’re going to be very soon.

And it’s sort of funny to watch Joe Biden getting up and reading a

teleprompter and saying how he would have done this. They had H1N1, he

calls it the N1H1. It’s H1N1. It’s called the swine flu and it was a

disaster. And as I said, the person that ran it for him said the worst

things about it. I mean, just — they didn’t know what they were doing.

They quit. And they had no clue. And that was easy by comparison to this.

This is the most contagious flu or virus that anybody’s seen. This is

unbelievable how contagious it is. You found that out.

But I watched a Biden quickly as he discussed without having — without

knowing a thing about a distribution plan. And he said that we don’t have a

distribution plan, but we do indeed. There are military. We have military,

we have everybody involved. It’s a great plan. And it’s a plan like no

other. And we can start doing it.

I believe the day that we come up with a vaccine, when it’s done, we’ll

start that same day or the day after. Our military is very much involved.

And they deploy troops. They deployed — these are the generals that do

logistics and all of those things. And we’ll have it all over the country.

And then ultimately, hopefully, we’ll be helping the world with the

vaccine, and it’s very exciting.

But maybe I’d ask Scott Atlas to come up and describe a little bit about

that, the distribution plan in particular because Biden acted as though

there was no distribution plan. And we’ve been working on this for months

and it’s ready. And Scott has really taken a haul of it and done an

incredible job. And please, Scott, thank you.


Mr. President. And I didn’t develop the plan. I’m just relaying information

here. But this is a plan, that’s a 57-page document that was sent to every

state today. And there’s a different part of this that was given to

Congress today. It was released by HHS, that’s on the Web site. And in

fact, I thought it was covered actually by the media, so I don’t think it’s

a surprise.

But it’s a comprehensive plan. It’s a public-private partnership to get

everything done in terms of logistics. The I.T. that’s necessary to trace

the first dose because some of these vaccines are anticipated to be two

doses. There’s tailoring, of course, by the states and their specifics. And

there’s an administration of the vaccine plan that will be done in over

51,000 outlets, including for particular attention to minority areas, over

14,000 federally qualified health centers.

And as the president just said, within the first 24 hours of FDA’s approval

under an emergency use, we will have vaccines being delivered within the

first 24 hours. And it will be done at virtually no cost to Americans. And

the terms of the dosage, there will be — it is anticipated that no later

than January, all the top priority people will have received the vaccine or

be able to receive the vaccine.

And so that prioritization, which is the general prioritization done for

all vaccines that are developed, particularly in a pandemic setting, it

goes to the high risk people, the people with other underlying conditions,

as well as first responders and people working directly in healthcare. And

so that’s going to be done very rapidly. OK. Thank you.

TRUMP: Good. Thank you. Thank you. Yes, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mr. President, earlier today, Dr. Redfield confirmed

that it looked like November, December, the first doses would be able to be

distributed. But then he said that the vaccine for the general public

likely would not be available until probably next summer, maybe even early

fall. Are you comfortable with that timing?

TRUMP: No, I think he made a mistake when he said that. It’s just incorrect

information. And I called him and he didn’t tell me that. And I think he

got the message, maybe confused, maybe it was stated incorrectly. No, we’re

ready to go immediately as the vaccine is announced. And it could be

announced in October, could be announced a little bit after October. But

once we go, we’re ready.

As you know, Pfizer’s making this — they’re taking a tremendous financial

risk and they’re spending billions of dollars on actually making this

vaccine. They’re at a stage where they’re actually making it because they

feel very confident as to the results. They’ll be announcing their results

fairly soon. And no, that’s incorrect information.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was clear in the way he said it, and what he said.

TRUMP: Yes, I think so, but I don’t think he means that. I don’t think he –

– when he said it, I believe he was confused. I’m just telling you, we’re

ready to go as soon as the vaccine happens.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, when do you want to see it available? What would be

a timeline that you would be happy with?

TRUMP: I would say that, yeah, we will start distributing it immediately.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But to the general public —

TRUMP: To the general public, very shortly there. I mean, really to the

general public immediately. When we go, we go. We’re not looking to say,

“gee in six months, we’re going to start giving it to the general public.”

No, we want to go immediately. No, it was an incorrect statement. I saw the

statement, I called him. I said, “What did you mean by that?” And I think

he just made a mistake. He just made a mistake. I think he misunderstood

the question, probably.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So if you were to put a timeline on when every person in

America will be able to get a vaccine, what would that be?

TRUMP: I think it would be very soon. I think our distribution process is

going to go very quickly. I told you we’ve engaged the military. We have a

general who’s in charge of all logistics, who delivers soldiers. He’s a

fantastic guy. He’s supposed to be fantastic at what he does. And we

figured that’s better than any company you’re going to hire. You can’t hire

a company like that. And we look to do distribution immediately after we

get the word that it’s good.

And I think they’re having tremendous success with the vaccine itself; I

think the results will be early and strong. The safety has to be 100

percent and we’re going to insist on that. And obviously, the companies are

going to insist on that also.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, could you put an actual date? Is it January,

February, March?

TRUMP: Scott, what would you think?

ATLAS: Yes, as I said, the high priority people will have in some time, no

later than January. I mean, of course, it depends on when things are

approved and the emergency use is given.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I’m talking about the low priority people —

ATLAS: I can finish. And then it is anticipated that there will be 700

million doses by end of Q1. That’s 700 million doses.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So, by the end March?

ATLAS: That’s end of Q1.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Doctor, do you mind if I ask you a question?

TRUMP: Q1, he said.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That’s the end of March, correct?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It’s one thing to have the doses, but we’ve talked to

a lot of public health experts who say, “If this is happening in the winter

and you have to socially distance, you can’t have the packed lines that we

saw during H1N1. You can’t have packed auditoriums. You have to space it

out.” So, that’s one thing.

Another thing they’re worried about, is storing these vaccines. And since

we don’t know which one is the winner, you know, doctor’s offices may not

have dry ice to handle negative 80 degrees. So these are challenges. Are

you prepared to say that you can overcome all those in three months?

ATLAS: Yes. Because at least I’ve been briefed on the vaccine. And so, all

the refrigerators that are necessary, everything is going to be in place

for them. There’s a very detailed logistical plan that was started months

ago. And you’re welcome to read it on the web. But basically, yes, all

those things are not a problem, really. I mean, if people know how to shop

for groceries or go into a store or sit in the restaurants that are open,

and use social distancing, I think they can do it for vaccines too.

TRUMP: And you also have more than one company. You have Johnson & Johnson,

you have Pfizer, you have Moderna, you have others. So we could conceivably

have vaccines being given out by numerous companies. And they’re all world-

class companies, they’re fantastic companies. That could happen also. Yes,

please go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you, Mr. President. Are you prepared to sign off

on the Oracle and TikTok deal even though the Treasury isn’t getting paid?

And also, does the deal meet your requirements in terms of national

security concerns?

TRUMP: OK, they’re giving me studies on the deal. It has to be a hundred

percent as far as national security is concerned. And no, I’m not prepared

to sign off on anything. I have to see the deal. We need security,

especially after what we’ve seen with respect to China and what’s going on.

We want security. So, I’ll let you know. They’re going to be reporting to

me tomorrow morning and I will let you know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about the payment to the Treasury?

TRUMP: We’re going to see about that. Amazingly, I find that you’re not

allowed to do that. You’re not allowed to accept — and I say, “What kind

of a thing is this?” If they’re willing to make big payments to the

government, they’re not allowed because there’s no — there’s no way of

doing that — legal path to doing that. And I’m saying, “Wait a minute,

they’re willing to make a big payment to the government and we’re not

allowed to take the money. When does this happen? How foolish can we be?”

So we’re going to — we’re looking into that right now. You understand


In other words, I said, “no, I want a big chunk of that money to go to the

United States government because we made it possible.” And the lawyers come

back to me and they say, “Well, there’s no way of doing that.” You know

why? Because nobody’s ever heard of that before. Nobody’s ever said that

before. Nobody’s ever said, “Well, we’ll approve the deal, but we want a

lot of money to go the government. Because by approving the deal, we’re

making the deal valuable.” They’ve never heard of that before. OK. Can you

believe that? Right? It’s hard to believe.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A quick follow up on TikTok. You had said earlier that

it was really important to you that a U.S. company by TikTok. And according

to the proposal submitted by ByteDance, ByteDance would keep a majority

stake and Oracle would have a minority stake.

TRUMP: We’re going to find out about that. We’re looking into that from the

standpoint of ByteDance, we don’t like that. I mean, just conceptually, I

can tell you I don’t like that. That has not been told to me yet. That has

been reported, but it hasn’t been told to me. It could be very accurate

reporting for a change. So, if that’s the case, I’m not going to be happy

with that. Assuming that ByteDance is China, which I think it probably is.

Yes, in the back.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bill Barr told prosecutors; he wants to charge violent

demonstrators with sedition. And you told Judge Jeanine that if there’s

violent demonstrations on election night, we’ll put them down very quickly,

if they do that. Look, it’s called an insurrection. So, I’m wondering why

you want to use that kind of rhetoric when there’s such a —

TRUMP: The question was asked to me about, if you have violent

demonstrations. Yes, we will put it down very, very quickly, if there is.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you making —

TRUMP: And I think the American public wants to see that. Yes, OAN please.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you Mr. President.

TRUMP: Just a minute. Look, if there’s any kind of demonstration or

violence, there will be nothing that interferes with this product — this

vote. There’s going to be nothing. The biggest problem we have right now,

are the ballots. Millions of ballots going out, that’s the biggest problem.

When you talk about other countries, whether it’s China, Russia, or many

others that get mentioned, they’re in a much better position with these

paper ballots to do something than they would ever be under the old system.

And that’s our biggest problem.

Our biggest threat to this election is governors from opposing parties,

controlling ballots, millions of ballots. To me, that’s a much bigger

threat than foreign countries because much of the stuff coming out about

foreign countries turned out to be untrue. What is true is that many

elections have taken place over the last year and a half using this ballot

system. They’ve been off by five percent, 10 percent, 15 percent. I think I

read one at 40 percent, 40 percent. And these are small, easy to control


This whole ballot system where you can send it in and it’s not even

requested. We’re not talking about it solicited, they’re unsolicited

ballots and they’re sent in. It’s very dangerous for our country. And you

know, who knows that better than anybody, the Democrats. Look at what

happened in Manhattan, where they had this kind of an election. And it was

so fraudulent that it should never have been allowed to be called.

We could have five, 10, 15, 20 percent off. We could have more than that.

The ballots will be stolen. Who knows where they’re going, who knows where

they’re coming from. It’s not just the counting of the ballots, which by

the way, which will take forever. It’ll take forever. You think November

3rd, you might not have — I guess, at a certain point, it goes to

Congress. At a certain point, it goes to Congress. You know that.

This is a disgrace. This is being done on purpose. They know it’s no good.

They know it’s going to be fraudulent. It’s going to be fraud all over the

place. Who’s getting the ballots, who’s sending the balance. They have

people saying you don’t need a verified signature. This is a serious threat

to our democracy and the Democrats know that.

All we’re asking, if you solicit the ballot, you go through a process. You

ask for a ballot because you can’t be there for a large number of reasons,

for whatever reasons. I’m doing it myself. I won’t be able to be in

Florida. You solicit and they send it back. You do it and you send it back.

That’s a process that you go through and it’s pretty secure. I used the

word pretty secure.

I guess nothing is foolproof. But what’s pretty close to what — the most

foolproof thing, the thing that really works, is you go to the ballot box.

It’s going to be very safe. I think by that time COVID will be even lower.

It’s going to be very low. It’s going to be a very safe process. We did it

during World War I. We did it during World War II.

The biggest threat to this election is these unsolicited ballots sent out

by the millions controlled by governors, like in Nevada who is a political

person, very political, far beyond being governor where they try to stop

you from making the speech, unsuccessfully. But we had to move around a

lot, had to move quickly. So, this same guy that tried to stop you from

making free speech, outside, not inside, outside — they forced us inside

because of what they did, but outside. This is the guy that’s controlling


Then you look at Pennsylvania, you look at other places, it is a big

threat. And as far as China’s concerned and Russia, and they say North

Korea, they say Iran, they say places, who knows, who knows, but they say

all these different places, they can make forgeries of these ballots, they

can do things that will blow your mind. And the Democrats know it’s wrong,

they know it’s going to end up being a disaster.

Just take a look at what’s happened — take a look at what’s happened over

the last year with this same kind of thing, except in a very small setting

with very few ballots going out, so that’s much easier, not 53 to 80

million going out, a very small number. And you know what’s happened? Fraud

like you’ve never seen, missing ballots, ballots that never showed up,

ballots with bad signatures, ballots with no signatures. And in the case of

Nevada, they don’t even want verification of the signature. It’s a


Now the hope for our nation is it’s before judges. In Pennsylvania, it’s

before judges, in Nevada, it’s before judges and other places, it’s before

federal judges. And hopefully, they’ll do what they did the other day in

Pennsylvania where we had a great victory. Open up your state, it’s

unconstitutional to close it. Because what they were doing is closing it

and closing it for political reasons.

It’ll open on November 4th. It’ll open up right after the election. But

they want people to — they want our numbers to be as bad as possible, but

the problem is our numbers are so good with or without various states

opening up, with or without. But we had a big legal victory, as you know,

three days ago. A federal judge told them to open up their state, “It’s

unconstitutional what you’re doing,” that’s in the case of Pennsylvania.

Now the big cases are going to be the cases on these unsolicited ballots,

and we’ll see what happens.

All right, OAN, please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: On the grounds that the Chinese Communist Party has

been using slave labor in Xinjiang, your administration has imposed a

limited ban on certain products coming out of Xinjiang, stopping short of a

full region ban. What is your response to the Chinese communist party’s

spokespeople who are saying that, “This is an outright lie, Xinjiang does

not have forced labor.”? And number two, have allies expressed interest in

standing with this administration in taking action against forced labor

imposed by the Communist Party?

TRUMP: We don’t want to see that. We’ve been very strong on that. We’re

getting reports in over the next two, three days, we’ll know very

accurately what the story is and we’ll then take action, one way or the


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I just wanted to ask you about the WTO’s recent

ruling against the United States over $200 billion in tariffs on China.

Should the U.S. remain part of the WTO?

TRUMP: Well, I have real questions about it. Look, the U.S., we just won a

$7.5 billion lawsuit, which nobody used to sue before I came along, you

know, or they used lose them every single time. Now, they haven’t been

losing them. But we’re getting reports on the WTO. It’s not good, never

been good to us.

The WTO, as far as I’m concerned, was created to suck money and jobs out of

the United States to the benefit of China and other countries. That’s what

my opinion is. Whether it was created, or it just turned out to be that

way. But the World Trade Organization has been not good for the United

States. It’s been good for everybody else, but it’s not been good. It was a

method, in my opinion, of taking advantage of the United States. So, we’re

looking into what happened and we’ll get back to you fast.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President, two questions. One, you said you spoke with

Dr. Redfield earlier, and you said that he made a mistake. Did —

TRUMP: I think he made a mistake, yes. I didn’t go into any great depth. I

was — I was very surprised to hear it. It doesn’t really matter. Here’s

what does matter. We’re all set to distributor immediately. As soon as that

vaccine comes out that’s safe and good and works, whether it’s Pfizer,

Johnson&Johnson or anybody else, we are ready to distribute it very


As Scott said, and as our team knows and they’re ready, and it could be in

October, sometime in October, or November. I don’t think it’s going to be

much later than that, but I think it could be sometime in October. We’re

ready to move and it will be a very full distribution.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, you had the call, you said that you told him that

he had made a mistake. What was his response —

TRUMP: No, I didn’t tell him anything. I said, “What happened?” And I got

the impression that he didn’t realize he said what he might’ve said. I

didn’t see him say it, but if that’s what he said, it’s a mistake because

we’re so ready. We’re ready to distribute immediately to a vast section of

our country. And then beyond, because we want to help other countries also.

But we’re ready to distribute immediately.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But the timeline he gave saying that it wouldn’t be

ready for the general public until the middle of next year, it sounds very

like the one that you kind of just offered.

ATLAS: No, no. I said that there’ll be 700 million doses by end of Q1, and

everyone in high risk will have it no later than January. That’s what I


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, he said the general public for next year. He

wasn’t talking about high risk —

TRUMP: As you know, Kaitlan, we’re focused on high risk, but we’re going to

focus also on general public very much. But our immediate aim is elderly

people and especially elderly people with heart, diabetes problems. But we

will have it — this is — we’re not looking at a small distribution

program. We’re looking at distributing to the whole United States with an

immediate focus of the elderly.

Now, under no circumstance will it be as late as the doctor said. But I

think that, frankly, if analyses — you know, they hit him with that

question, he said that, we are ready at a much faster level than what he

said. We will have rapid distribution. We’re set up, our military and

others are set up to do it. And we think it could even start taking place

in October, but certainly during November, December would be the latest

because based on what I’m hearing, results are — based on what I’m

hearing, results are very good, so we’ll see what happens.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK, so my last question is, you told Bob Woodward,

“The problem with the vaccine is a vaccine will take 13 to 14 months once

you have it, because you have to test a vaccine.” So, do you want to

clarify what you told Bob Woodward?

TRUMP: Well, what I was — what I was saying to him — No, but that was a

long time ago when I said that. I didn’t — we weren’t set up at that time.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Not that long ago.

TRUMP: Well, how many months ago? When was the statement made?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He doesn’t say in the book when it was made.

TRUMP: His book is sort of obsolete because the book comes out — by the

way, I read the book last night very rapidly because it was very boring. I

read it. And if you see what I said, I said a lot of really good things. I

mean, for the most part, people like to turn it around, but I said really

good things in that book.

And as an example, he doesn’t cover — I told him what we’re doing in the

Middle East, and we’re doing it in an entirely different way and that’s not

covered in his book. The whole thing is not covered in his book. And one

thing I will say, and I respect the press for this one, which was

interesting, almost universally, we’ve been praised for the deal that we

made yesterday with Israel and with the two very important countries in the

Middle East.

And UAE in particular, where it’s a very powerful group, it’s a warrior

country, it’s led by a great warrior and a man who’s highly respected. And

if you take a look at that and Bahrain and Israel making a deal, and I will

tell you, we have at least four or five others that want to come in. They

would have come in yesterday. I talked to two of them yesterday and they’re

ready to trot.

And I think you’re going to have a whole level of peace without blood all

over the sand. Nobody was shot, nobody was killed. We killed hundreds of

thousands of people in the Middle East. It’s all — it’s been — I always

say it’s the bloodiest sand anywhere in the world. And it didn’t have to be

that way.

The single worst decision our country ever made was to go into the Middle

East. Not only the millions of people killed, and I include people on both

sides. You know, some people say, “Oh, you shouldn’t say that.” I said,

“I’ll say it,” on both sides. It’s such a horrible thing was done. Such a

horrible mistake was made. We’re doing this a different way.

So we have those two countries. We have at least five that we’re

negotiating with right now. And you know, you can only negotiate with so

many. I think they’re all going to come in. I think ultimately the

Palestinians are going to come in. These are all the people that are

funding them.

You know, I stopped funding the Palestinians fairly early on because they

were saying bad things about our country. I said, “Well you mean, we’re

giving them $750 million a year and they’re saying all bad things about our

country?” So, I stopped funding them very early on, but they get funded by

other very rich countries. To them it’s like a spec, it’s nothing. But they

get funded. But I think now that these countries, these very rich countries

are a part of the deal and you’ll see, over the next fairly short period of

time, other countries will come in.

I think Saudi Arabia ultimately will come in too. I think getting Saudi

Arabia will be great. But I think Saudi Arabia, this is my feeling, it’s

not based on knowledge, other than a couple of conversations I had with the

King. But Saudi Arabia I think will be coming in too. And you’ll end up

with peace in the Middle East. And nobody thought it could be done and

nobody thought it could be done this way.

I went to some very smart people. I went to some people in Middle East and

they said, “You’ll never be able to do it. It’s not possible to make

peace.” Well, now they’re saying to me, “Nobody ever thought of doing this.

They all thought you make the deal first with the Palestinians. It had to

be that way.” And I will say the resistance was some countries didn’t want

to do it unless the Palestinians were there first. That was just a

psychological thing, more than anything else. But they were wrong.

The people, our great representatives that have been doing this for 35

years that were telling me how to do it, but they all failed. They were in

Clinton’s administration, they were in Bush, they were in Obama, all these

great, brilliant people, they’re all telling me how to do it and I said

they’re wrong and I guess I was right.


And when you see — let me — let’s finish this. When you see the countries

that will be coming, a very short period of time, not talking to a long

period of time, all of the countries that will be coming in, just like you

saw Bahrain yesterday and UAE and I can think of — I mean, at least five

that are going to be quick and easy. Others will be quick and easy also,

once THE FIVE come in. So you’re going to have something — you’re going to

have peace in the Middle East.

And we want to get out, you know. Our soldiers are largely coming home. I

said the endless wars, the ridiculous, endless wars. And I will say this,

if I didn’t withdraw our country from that horrible Iran Nuclear Deal, that

horrible, stupid deal where President Obama paid $150 billion for nothing

and gave $1.8 billion in cash, 1.8 billion, you know what that is? 1.8

billion in cash, that’s more impressive than the $150 billion paid


But he gave all this money, all of these — all of these chips that we had.

We had these chips and he gave them all away and we got nothing. And you

know, it was a short term deal. It would be practically expiring now.

Practically, it starts to expire actually right now, but it would

practically be. And there is no way we will let Iran have a nuclear weapon,

just to remember that. There’s no way that’s going to happen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. President, are you reversing this statement? You

never answered the question. (INAUDIBLE) but do you want to reverse what

you told Woodward about the 13 to 14-month timeline for a vaccine?

TRUMP: Well, the vaccine, at the time, I thought it might take that period

of time, but we’ve stepped it up very substantially. And now, I mean, I’m

just telling this is just what it is. We’ve been able to step it up very,

very rapidly. I never thought we could have a vaccine as quickly as we did,

but I freed it up. I freed up the FDA. Dr. Hahn’s done a great job and

they’re ready to approve something when they come in.

The other thing that’s happening that’s very different is you look at a

company like Pfizer, it’s a great company, really one of the great

companies of the world, Johnson & Johnson, they’re all great companies,

they’re doing a lot of testing at a very rapid rate that nobody’s ever seen

anything like it. You know, they’re in third — they’re in the third level

of trial and I think that you’re going to see things that are amazing.

When I made statements like that, that’s an old statement. When I made

statements like that, I had no idea that we could produce as well as we’re

producing. But only because of what I’ve done with the FDA and other things

can we come up with numbers like that.

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