Republican ‘fear of Donald Trump’ undermining US democracy, Democrats say

Senior Democrats have lambasted Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the US presidential election, accusing him of undermining American democracy.

At a press conference on Capitol Hill, House speaker Nancy Pelosi said Republicans, who have mostly backed Mr Trump’s claims that the election is not over, were “refusing to accept reality”, noting the sharp rise in coronavirus cases in the country.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer said Republicans were “deliberately casting doubt on our election for no other reason than fear of Donald Trump”.

Stating that America was facing a “moment of great national challenge”, he said: “We just had a divisive and hard-fought presidential election but instead of working to pull the country back together so we can fight our common enemy, Covid-19, Republicans in Congress are spreading conspiracy theories, denying reality and poisoning the well of our democracy.”

Unfounded theories

Mr Trump is refusing to accept that his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, has won the election, even though the president-elect has built up a virtually unsurpassable lead in a handful of swing states that determined the election outcome.  World leaders have phoned Mr Biden to offer congratulations, but Republicans are insisting that the election result is not finalised. Mr Trump would need, through lawsuits and recounts, to overturn the results in multiple states in order to win the election, a scenario that appears to be mathematically impossible.